ďYouíre in Godís Country now, Boy Kin!Ē

This was a familiar exclamation by my father during our countless drives taken in my youth. Weekends were often filled with random jaunts where the only destination was to see what was around the next bend or crest of hill. With Mom riding shotgun and me in the backseat we would aimlessly meander across the back roads and byways until a sinking sun told Pa it was time to head home.

It was these day trips that instilled in me a wanderlust that lives to this day and planted the seeds of my photographic interests. Give me a full tank of gas, my camera bag, and a day devoid of demands and Iím off. Show me a road that Iíve never traveled before and I will remedy that situation.

Whether it is just a day trip or a vacation, Iím usually headed for where the folk are few and the raptors soar. Along the way Iíve had some adventures and discovered some true gems and Iíd like to share some of them with you here.

So grab a page of chips and a bottle of pop, take hold of your mouse and take a journey with me.

The following pages are dedicated to my parents who taught me to love the land and to my sister Pat who shared many of my travels with me. You may have went on ahead of me in your last journey, Sis, but you will always travel with me in my heart. .